Graduation present

When our kid graduated from school, he decided to buy a house. I had a feeling that he wasn’t ready for that step. However he said he was wasting money by renting! She wanted to invest, instead of spending the same money on an apartment every month. The reason why I thought she wasn’t ready though was because she was in such a big rush. She didn’t even look at the most important things when it came to finding the house that was right for her. When I went with her to look at the house for the first time, I thought she could have gotten a much nicer place. She was saying that she couldn’t pass up on such a cheap deal though. I noticed there was mold in the basement, the Heating and A/C component seemed incredibly old, the air quality was bad and it was humid. This seemed too much of a mess. I told her that she needed to get a dehumidifier, an air cleaner, and she immediately needed to call the Heating and A/C supplier to have his Heating and A/C looked at before she moved in. Before I knew it, she was calling myself and others up asking if we could help her afford a current Heating and A/C unit. She said that the Heating and A/C supplier said this Heating and A/C component that was installed in her home that she just bought was basically shot and needed a lot of work. They said it wasn’t worth the cost to repair it and she would be better off buying a current Heating and A/C unit. It was just as I thought and now I feel obligated to help her because I want her to live in a clean and safe environment.

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