I continue to work on my cooling system

When it rains, I am usually at my happiest, then i think it might have something to do with the the lack of sun actually, for as long as I can remember, my eyes have been genuinely sensitive to sunlight.  As a result, I usually get bad headaches on sunny afternoons, but this also means that I actually love being indoors with not having headaches, so it kind of comes back around on rainy afternoons, as I need not make any type of excuses as to why I am staying home plus inside. Also, I prefer the fresh fruits that come from my mom’s garden plus those need the excess rain, so it’s a win win situation; Rainy afternoons are also great though because my Heating plus Air Conditioning plan at home is awesome; When I obtained this home I loved the big windows, but temperature control was a little harder than in normal houses as a result. In the Winter, I found that the furnace had to work extra strenuously to keep the temperature comfy, likewise, in the warm season, our air conditioner could hardly keep up, however so I chose to shop around a bit plus get some opinions from some Heating plus Air Conditioning experts. A few of them informed me of  the same thing; upgrade to a more powerful heating plus cooling system. With more power, the machines have to work a lot less plus that means the thermostat temperature settings are met plus sustained with way more ease, and ultimately, this decrease in temperature control stress results in lower power bills, but granted, with these types of windows, heating plus cooling will be overpriced to a certain degree, no matter how you exactly go about it.

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