This gets me pumped

I am an operating room nurse, or scrub nurse, in a very big hospital. People come from all over the world just for our surgeons and intricate surgical procedures. Everything used in this hospital is state of art. In fact, there is one employee dedicated to just giving tours of our facility; we are a model for other hospitals. You can easily imagine the fallout, when there was a major glitch of monumental proportions this week. One of our surgeons was performing a very precise brain surgery. There was only a small number of doctors and orderlies allowed in the operating room for this surgery. A key component to operating rooms are their cooling systems. Operating rooms are kept at very particular temperature in order to avoid any risk of infection as well as bacteria when a body is opened up. If you are a person who typically runs cold, then this is not the field for you. All of us were panicking on that afternoon. The heating and cooling systems failed in the middle of surgery. What started off as a cool, air conditioned operating room was abruptly climbing in heat. None of the people in the observation room were aware of the problem. The doctors were trying to quietly get the orderlies to find out what the problem was with the a/c, but, as you can imagine, the panic in the middle of surgery overtook everyone. It was a lawsuit waiting to happen as this patient could die in the worst possible predicament. Just when they felt they would have to close, the cooling unit started back up.

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