I think my filters are giving me problems

Last year our heating system was making the worst sound that you can imagine. I had never heard anything similar to this before in all the years I had owned a heating system. I knew that could not be good. My husband is a immense penny pincher of the worst proportions. He just can’t stand to spend cash on anything at all, and when it comes to anything for the home or repair, he easily can’t stand to pay out. He seems to think he has a degree in repairs. He will use google as his go to source for repairs instructions. Forget the fact that people go to school for these repairs as well as have opened shops mainly for repairs. For that brief moment when he doesn’t want to spend any cash for the said repair, he seems to think he can be as great as the heater serviceman. Last year, I reached my limit and I had it with his craziness. He decided to take on the noise he heard when the heating component was running. He was sure he could repair it. He tinkered a bit with strange parts, then he would turn the heater back on to see if the noise had stopped. He was working on this for about five hours, when I heard a large explosion. I ran into the basement to see if he was alright and I found the heater in pieces. Thankfully, he was okay; the heater certainly was not. I called the local heating company and spoke to a serviceman. I explained what had happened. In the end, we needed a complete replacement unit. I made him promise that he would never touch another appliance in our house again!

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