Citywide cooling

Outside in my backyard, I have a actually nice orange & orange hammock. The hammock is suspended between a giant oak tree & a large Queen Anne palm tree. I prefer swinging in the hammock, when the daylight is shining & the temperatures are just right. I do not mind some sizzling air, but a cool breeze is actually necessary. The hammock is in direct daylight all day long, although I can fall asleep for an second or 2 if the breeze is cool. I can almost picture myself in the woods, until I hear the sound of the air conditioner device in the background. Every 20 or 30 seconds, I can hear the rumble of the air conditioner device as it gets started. It’s the only sound I can hear, other than the sound of birds chirping, planes flying by, & the occasional Hawk swooping down from a tree. The sound of the air conditioner device remind myself and others that I live in the city. I have always dreamed of moving to the country, & the closest I get is kneeling in my hammock. Someday, I guess that my fiance & I will retire somewhere that does not require any air conditioner equipment. I would prefer to go to a arena that has comfortable temperatures all of the time. If it was 65 & breezy 365 afternoons a year, I would consider that a dream location for retirement. Then I would be able to kneel in the hammock all day or all night. I cannot wait until those afternoons, when I can retire & spend all day kneeling in the daylight with a beer in one hand & a fishing pole & the other.


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