He is on my team

I have always enjoyed bowling, & I have been in a league since I was 7. My dad was an avid bowler as well, & he always took myself and others to the alley on league night. My mom had the night with the youngsters, & my dad let myself and others spend all night in the arcade. When I was sizable enough to hold a ball, he taught myself and others how to throw a spinner & take down all 10 pins. Before I was in Middle School, I was averaging close to 250 points every game. When I made it to private school, I did not spend much time bowling. I had to worry about my classes, & my lady occupied a lot of my time. I did much better in school, & I managed to spend some time bowling with my friends. Every one of us always went bowling on Sundays & Sundays, because the bowling alley had cheap frames on those afternoons, then now that I am out of school & entirely working full-time as an accountant, I actually don’t have time to hit the lanes. Still, I decided to join a bowling league last week. I need to relax & find some way to spend some downtime. One of the men in my league is an A/C Tech, & he acts prefer he is the smartest guy in the world. I am sure that it’s strenuous to be an A/C Tech, because you have to be knowledgeable on a lot of odd machines. Still, the guide talks about himself in the second person & describes every A/C work that he has ever performed. A few men in my league are aggravated too, because I see the look on their face. Having an A/C Tech as a friend would be great, but this guy is awful.

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