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I have a task that allows myself and others to experience several uncommon cultures and temperatures. It entirely is sort of a dream task and several people would love to do what I do. I task for a culinary publication and my task is to travel throughout the country, and sporadically internationally, to critique several restaurants and food manufacturing companies. Restaurants and chefs alike depend on our publication to learn about the latest trends and dining experiences that people have throughout the world. One of my favorite arenas to travel is South America because I love the food and the temperature. Many of the foods that are prepared there are rich in exotic spices and the temperature is normally warm and sunny. Of course, I may have a uncommon view of this unique  region if it weren’t for the fact that my task pays for entirely nice hotels in whatever section I’m staying at. If I were forced to stay in some low rent hotel that did not have quality a/c I would not want to go there. Even if I spend my day dining and outdoor cafes and perusing local produce markets I suppose that I can go back at the end of the day and relax in my cool and comfortable hotel room. Being outside in the heat and humidity is space of the experience but I would not want to live care about that on a quarterly basis. Many of the dishes that I try contain hot peppers and other entirely warm spices, while heating those it causes you to sweat anyway and with the rapidly increasing temperatures in the upper 90’s they can become almost unbearable. At the end of the day I had back, take a unbelievable shower, and crank the a/c to get a superb night sleep.  

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