The HVAC date has arrived

Our lives revolve around positive experiences. It’s consistently pressing that wherever we go we create a positive impact on who we meet, however for example the other day I went through the drive-through to order a Starbucks Coffee to start my morning as well as the person who was assisting myself and others with my order was extremely rude. The person must have just started her task because I go to this Starbucks Coffee shop every morning before my heating as well as cooling professional task. I asked what her name was as well as I was going to reach out to the owner of this business as well as put in a complaint; No matter who you task for or where you task at, it’s consistently pressing that your friendly to shoppers. I am extremely well trained in customer repair because as a heating as well as cooling professional you want to make sure that you are retaining as well as gaining new shoppers. My boss has developed a plan where after every task that we complete our shoppers are able to fill out a survey. For example Last year I went to one of my customer’s house, I was there on time for the heating as well as cooling appointment as well as I had to replace an A/C condenser that stopped legitimately working. I was able to get everything done swiftly as well as efficiently as well as made sure that I did not track in any dirt. I am one of the top heating as well as cooling professionals in the business due to my five star ratings as well as positive customer comments on the task that I do in the heating, ventilation as well as cooling industry. Being involved in the heating as well as cooling industry for 6 years now I would say that I believe what I’m doing!

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