Getting a good air cleaner

When I first moved to the deep southern region of the U.S., I was not prepared for the gravity of climate change shock I had to face.  When you’re used to surviving sub-zero winters every year that stretches from October to March, and only mild weather in the times in between, it’s hard to acclimate to temperatures in the high 90s with near 100% humidity levels.  Even moving further inland, away from the coast, did nothing to get rid of my weather woes. But worst of all, I couldn’t fathom being in a situation where I could not get comfortable running my air conditioner. I was always used to turning on the AC and lowering the temperature inside a few degrees and getting immediate comfort.  Down here in the muggy south, I could have the AC cranking below 68 degrees although I still can’t get the moisture levels inside to a comfortable level. I bought a dehumidifier but that didn’t address the stray pollen and dust that always seemed to sneak in through the door anytime I left or returned to my apartment. A neighbor suggested that I look into buying an air purification system to supplement my Heating and Air Conditioning system.  They attach into a normal wall outlet and filter your indoor air while turned on. You can even buy some with special HEPA filters and others that have UV lights built in for added antimicrobial effects. I was able to find a solid device at my local hardware store that was big enough to handle the air for my entire 770 square feet apartment. I started to notice a positive change in just a matter of days after turning on my air purification system for the first time.  I’m also finding clumps of dust every time I wash the filter, which scares me to imagine what I was breathing into my lungs before I bought the machine.

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