The brutally cold air

I have noticed that our apartment is extremely annoying in regards to the indoor air temperature control. I assumed this was specific to our floor plan until this past weekend when all of us stayed at our in-laws’ house. Our apartment is a split level place which spans three floors, because of these several levels the temperature constantly fluctuates between each space. It doesn’t matter whether we’re experiencing the heat of warm seasons and so we operate our central cooling system or if it’s the dead of winter and the furnace has been running to heat our home. The temperature always varies as you transfer through the house. I really thought that our apartment was just flawed due to the several floor levels but after staying at our in-laws’ house I’ve realized that all homes have this problem. When all of us slept there I felt terribly warm. I kept asking my hubby about the temperature control and he insisted that the thermostat was set at an low temperature. I had a hard time believing that our room was reaching 65 degrees so after a few days I realized that this low temperature was legitimately only attained on the ground floor. The top level where all of us slept was significantly warmer at all times and there was no way to correct this issue unless we froze everyone downstairs. As you can imagine, thanks to the Heating and Air Conditioning variance, it was an incredibly hot, exhausting, plus eye opening trip from beginning to finish.  

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