The cleaner the better

The other day, a buddy of mine was telling me I should know about using HEPA air filters, he noticed that I was using the cheap air filters, and I was entirely embarrassed for using them; I thought they were great because I was saving a lot of money. Yet, my friend was telling me that our air quality was not good, and that ultimately I was putting our Heating and Air Conditioning plan at risk. He explained that the air filters I was using would not save the Heating and Air Conditioning from filling up with all kinds of dust and debris and that it was bad for our health as well. Consequently, I had an Heating and Air Conditioning worker come out to our place and I was asking him about the HEPA air filters and if they would be wonderful for my system. He evaluated everything and I learned that HEPA air filters entirely would not be suitable for our Heating and Air Conditioning system. He said certain Heating and Air Conditioning systems can actually handle HEPA air filters, however, our Heating and Air Conditioning was not powerful enough. He said some high rated pleated air filters would be perfect for my system. So I decided to get these pleated air filters and I instantly noticed a big improvement in the air quality. When our buddy came over to hang out again, he thought I entirely got the HEPA air filters. I told him I didn’t get those at all. He seemed shocked and asked how I was able to improve our air quality so much. I said that I had an Heating and Air Conditioning worker over and he said that our plan couldn’t handle HEPA, so he told me to use pleated air filters! My buddy said he didn’t think about that.

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