Dream life with zone control

If I had a lot of cash, I would want a huge mansion, I would, of course, need a butler and maids to help me take care of the big property. I also would have to tackle the Heating and A/C system. I wouldn’t want to waste a wonderful deal of energy by heating and cooling the entire place. I would have to install Heating and A/C zone control in my place. I would also have some type of automatic sensors that would engage the heating or cooling system automatically when people would walk into unusual parts of the household. When you would leave certain areas, the heating or cooling system would turn back down to minimal settings, and this would be the perfect solution to save energy in such a huge home. I would have fireplaces around the place as well. I like to recline in front of a roaring fire, so that would be a must in my house. I would also like to have a huge Barnes and Noble with the finest collection of books. I like nothing more than to study all the time, so that would really be my favorite place to be. I would definitely need a fireplace in my Barnes and Noble so I could relax with a wonderful book in front of a roaring fire. I don’t suppose if I’ll ever make it that far in life, but I can dream! I don’t even have a fireplace in the home I live now, which is always terrifying to me. I assume the next place I relocate to, I’m going to make sure there is a fireplace, so I can have part of my dream!

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