the life of a HVAC contractor

I have been an Heating and A/C repair tech for over 26 years… Since I have had so many clients and worked with tons of people, I had assumed that I had seen it all. However I was proven wrong a few weeks ago when I had an experience that was without a doubt far normal,and not in a fine way.  I was on a repair call to a client’s beach house and it was just a normal afternoon. I noticed that the client had posted a note saything that he wouldn’t be there due to his child’s soccer game, but the key to the beach house would be available and I was to let myself in to install the new thermostat and AC unit. I had never serviced or repaired a AC unit or thermostat without someone being at the house. Despite  this, I didn’t guess much of it. I arrived to the beautiful beach location, entered the house, and started working on installing the new thermostat. Many minutes into the task, I heard growling coming from the study room. As I took a break from the unit to look behind my shoulder and see what it was, I noticed that it was the man’s pig. I had never seen a pet pig, however this pet looked more like a angry bear than it did a pig. Unquestionably the pig was not happy to see me in this beach house working on the thermostat or AC unit. I had no inkling that a pet pig was on location, and when he started barking and getting near me,  I quickly began walking out of the beachhouse. By luck and the grace of god, the pet didn’t hurt me and I got out unscathed. I left everything, including the uninstalled unit inside the beachhouse, despite the fact that it wasn’t finished. I didn’t care. I was so happy to be alive! That was seriously the first time and only time I ever did an replacement with no owner present, and I will never do it again.

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