I never had any a/c

I don’t want to come off as  “that officially outdated person” but it is so silly to me how spoiled the youth are in this century.  The craziest thing is they don’t even recognize it! I just went on a long hiking trip with our kids plus his toddlers. The vacation had me pondering back to the days when I was just wee boy, back when I was hiking and adventuring, there was no thought of something called an air conditioner in the world! You didn’t hear that  incorrect, there was not a single AC unit to be found, not any type of electric fan to keep refresh the air! I never got to enjoy that feeling of a nice air conditioning unit until I was in middle school on an excursion to a history play. It was such a lovely plus refreshing feeling, I actually was grateful just to be present and  to think it so new then. Recently however, the young people such as my grandkids, have no idea how amazing air conditioning plus how special it was when it first came out! What I see is that these kids don’t think of AC as privilege, they mostly feel it is something they have to have for a proper life, for some reason! During our 2 day long hiking trip, all I could gather from the children was that they wanted to return home and they were confused why there was no a/c there. For some reason, these kids have gotten so spoiled that they are used to having the most current amenities, such as a/c, that they are totally appalled when there in fact no a/c unit to be found in the mountains during a hike. It may seem like I’m upset, but I do love advancements that the Heating, Ventilation and A/C industry has reached. It’s a big deal for human beings, but on certain days it really makes me believe that I arrived here from another planet, that’s only when I am near the younger kids of our time.

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