Endless loop with the a/c

My partner is the light of my life and I love him to no end, but it isn’t always easy to adjust to some of his unusual habits.  I’ll admit, prior to moving in with my partner, my apartments were as cluttered and chaotic as a typical college dorm room. My partner is an artist so 1 of the first things I noticed about his lake house when I met him was the attention to detail given to the artwork he had scattered throughout in addition to how everything fit a bigger theme, despite the fact that each piece was unique.  When my partner and I bought our first apartment together, it took some time getting used to the current visual aesthetic, although I like it now. My partner even incorporated sensual mood lighting with a remote control. But the 1 thing I still can’t adjust to with my partner’s behavior is where he wants the a/c set each day. No matter what the weather is like outside, he wants the temperature to be 68 degrees or colder at all times.  When the unit kept cycling last Monday in addition to was steadily rising in temperature throughout the house, I immediately called our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning professional. They explained that running the unit so much causes the coils to freeze over preventing the water evaporation process that makes the air passing through the coils cold. If they freeze over, the unit keeps running endlessly because it can’t reach the temperature on the control unit.  And since it keeps running, no time is given for the coils to naturally defrost leading to an endless loop that soon causes hairline cracks. These cracks can leak coolant, which can also lead to more coil freeze-ups if there is insufficient refrigerant available to cool the air. I suppose my partner and I will need to find a more adequate temperature to keep our apartment at rather than 68 degrees.

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