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I have been legitimately working remotely in my home for all of my adult life and I love it. Reason being is that I have always been a bit of an extrovert, and I love being able to hang out with my cats all day, you really can’t beat that! A few months ago when I moved to a newer spot in town about an hour away, I was getting a bit down on myself because I wanted to explore the town and check out new places but I was always so tied up in my home. It wasn’t until my air conditioning component broke that I finally stepped out of my house from working and inspected what the town had to offer. It was either leave the home and find a new place to hang out, or work in my boiling home with no air conditioning for more than seven hours. I was putting off getting the air conditioning inspected for another week because I legitimately needed to wait until my next paycheck came in, however during that short week I was out all around the town checking out tea shops, diners, and other sites that I could visit while getting some work done. It was really cool to finally get some fresh air conditioning relief after being home with all that humidity, but it was even better meeting some people from town and even making a few friends down at the bookstore. I suppose that I truly do love working from home, but if I am able to find a spot in town with air conditioning, fast Wi-Fi, and I can chat with a few people here and there I suppose that might be better for me than just staying at home and doing nothing. It sure is wonderful stepping out of your bubble every once in awhile!

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