My truck was so comfortable

My brother Mike has always been an impetuous type of guy, he is known for making rash decisions, without thinking of any of the consequences, current or later in the future. When he graduated college, he started living and working on a cruise liner. ¬†He was gone for over 6 years, before finally coming back to our hometown. By now, Mike has been living here for 5 years, plus he even bought himself a house but just a few weeks ago, I could tell that Mike was thinking about doing something odd. He had been acting strangely for weeks, so I questioned him as to what was on his mind. He told me that he’d met a girl on the cruise line and he hooked back up with her, so he left the next morning to be with her. He spoke to me and said that he would not return anytime soon, but that he would pay the mortgage on his house every single month but wanted me to live in it at least until he’s sure of his life plans. It seemed like such a unusual act, but I believe he is in love, so I immediately moved into the house. I didn’t want it to appear vacant, especially since Mike is going to pay the monthly mortgage, and I was living in an apartment, anyway. However, just two weeks after I moved into the house, the furnace broke down. I had no earthly idea why the furnace wasn’t working, all I could tell is there was no heat coming out of the registers. I had no way to locate my brother, since he had not called or texted since he left. I contacted our mom, and told her about the concern with the furnace. I didn’t have any money to pay for a furnace repair, plus I had no way to pay for a brand new furnace either, mom came to my rescue.

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