HVAC ducts are coated with mold

Periodically I curse the fact that I have asthma.  Dealing with it as an adult is strenuous enough, however growing up with it as an occasional disability put a drastic hamper on our pursuits and dreams as a young child.  I struggled in team hobbies, always running out of breath and poor our teammates because of our reduced cardio stamina. General P.E. classes were even worse, and it didn’t take long for myself and others to get tormented for using our inhaler when I was forced to pull it out while in class once despite our best efforts to manage separate from it.  Some ladies used to make cruel faces ridiculing myself and others trying to catch our breath while making hand gestures in front of their mouths like they were holding inhalers. I have come a long way in the past 20 years, however our asthma and dust sensitivities have never abated. Instead of experiencing grief and ridicule in front of our peers, I’m now on an endless pursuit of disinfecting and remediating microbial growth in our a/c system.  I obtained an older apartment that needed a bit of repair and remodeling before I ever moved in permanently. I convinced myself at the time that I could retain multiple of the seasoned appliances in the apartment and in doing so decided to leave the seasoned HVAC duct and HVAC system. Having a clean and consistently running heating and cooling system is pressing for air quality for anyone, however this is especially the case with those who suffer from asthma.  Trying to leave the seasoned HVAC duct inside apartment was a bad idea, because after I moved in I ended up finding mold growth inside many air vents and soon thereafter started developing respected sinus problems. I’m now now working on getting quotes for a brand current HVAC system. This includes the HVAC duct and air handler inside plus the outside condenser equipment along the edge of the house.

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