they did not trust our seo

My child was not feeling well as well as I had to stay home. This is alright since I task for a company that specializes in SEO… What I do is for the SEO corporation is make web changes for Heating as well as Air Conditioning companies. All my kid wanted to do was kneel on the sofa as well as watch tv shows all morning. So I decided to take care of it as well as get some of my web design task finished up. My morning was me taking care of the different Heating as well as Air Conditioning companies that I was hired to make changes for. I made google ads for one company, used PPC for another as well as I optimized the website on a different one. When supper time came I decided to rest down as well as take a short break. My child was sleeping by then so I altered the channel to watch 1 of the daytime shows that I entirely got a opening to see. It could have been nicer to stop looking at a laptop, since I do that for work… But, it was not nice outdoors. So instead I curled up on the couch instead, however during 1 of the commercial breaks the ad caught my mind. All of the sudden a cartoon koala bear was singing across the screen. He was entirely fun as well as he was wearing a big time fur coat. I at first thought that does not make much sense but the ad was for a heating company it was offering big time discounts on repair as well as upgrade.  I then realized this heating business is one that I am making a website for!


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