These HVAC conditions are bad

When I was 18 years old, I got a full-time job working at a local chocolate factory! I thought that it would be a perfect job, obviously, because it was in a chocolate factory. Nonetheless, I found out very quickly, that I was sorely mistaken!  The work shifts that we are assigned requires everyone to work 10 hour shifts every day, plus we will now be working 10 nights straight on the schedule, then 10 nights off.   To make matters worse, every 10 days, we switch to a different shift, after finally getting used to one time.  The first shift will be first, and then second, then we finish with 10 nights of night shifts. Since I had never worked schedules like this before, I was not enthused, but the hourly pay was very significant. Upon my very first day that I worked in the factory, I realized why people did not want to be here at the factory. I found no heating and A/C equipment at all in the factory, plus the conditions were terribly hot.  We each had to wear long pants and sleeved lab coats while we were working in the factory. It was so terribly hot, due to the horrible ventilation and A/C conditions.  A neighbor of mine told me that they did have an HVAC system in there at one time, but that it had not worked in several years. I didn’t see any air vents inside the building, so I seriously doubted that story about the factory having an A/C unit. I worked in that factory for over 2 years, because I couldn’t find another position that paid as well. When I finally found a job in a factory, I was very pleased to find out that they had a working HVAC system.

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