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The craze in city has been on an all time high as of late.  Our town hockey team is in the playoffs for the 1st time in 10 years.  I scored tickets to the 3rd game. I was so glad to go and I got wonderful chairs to sit in. There were a lot of pregame events and those were fun to watch as well. But, our son’s favorite thing to watch at any hockey event is the theatrics performed by the Zamboni.  If you are not a hockey fan, a Zamboni it is the kind of equipment that is used to prepare the ice and smooth it in between periods of the hockey game. The thing I found most interesting at this particular game was the fact that they had sold advertisements and plastered them on the side of the Zamboni.One of the most pressing ads the side was that of a local Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioner dealership. I thought that was a retarded idea. Who spends money on printed ads when you can go the online SEO route? The Heating and Air Conditioning business really paid out the pocket to be present at a hockey game. The business should have used SEM or might even use PPC. This is where you pay to have your website on the top portion of google or a google ad up there. When someone clicks on the website, you have to pay. But, you are way at the top, but men and women really looking for Heating and Air Conditioning will only see it.

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