Getting my logo on everything

For a month I was building bed frames as a hobby.  I’d make plus construct bed pieces for friends plus family.  Overtime, people started noticing my frames plus asking me to custom design unusual  bed pieces for them. My hobby grew into a small side business, plus I saw potential for expansion.  In order to make sure the success of my modern business kept going, I quit my job plus invested in a larger workshop plus more tools.  While I kept having to get steady requests for furniture, I was not gaining the people as quickly as I’d hoped. I realized that I needed to get my brand and name out to more people in a broad area.  I looked into advertising in papers, on stereo plus through television. Those kind of things are extremely expensive, plus I’m not sure how good they are for businesses that are locally known. I eventually decided to go with a more old-fashioned idea.  I went to a printing supplier plus had them help me design a logo for my little company. I chose a fun name plus then ordered a whole bunch of business cards, caps, T-shirts, frames, pens plus even cups. I had all of these products printed with my supplier’s name.  Putting labels on all these things was an effective plan of advertising. I handed out printed things at all sorts of community events. I attended the local art and craft shows across the country. I gave away the printed merchandise.

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