Not sure how i want to handle the custom furniture

For more than a few years, the people as well as myself have decided that we would renovate much of our lake house. As well as myself had a list of little projects to complete over the time. When the project list became long, every one of us. It would be better to hire a contractor as well as make the renovations last for a whole week. Now the people as well as myself are going to have some new floors, brand new stainless steel appliances, in addition to a few lavatory fixtures. The whole place will be redone and our whole interior design aesthetic will look quite different. Right now, the people I was with as well as myself have been equally busy searching down several pieces of furniture that will look great in our place. One of these problems that the both of us seem to have, is that the people as well as myself have two different styles when it comes to Furniture. My partner prefers the modern Hollywood style, but I prefer the French provincial Style. Both include high-end furniture as well as modern pieces that will be Sleek as well as eye-catching. I’ve always had my mind on the French provincial style, but I guess modern Hollywood could look great in here too. My partner has been an interior designer for 10 years, so I’m probably going to leave all of the furniture decisions up to her in the end. She’ll probably choose the French provincial style, and I guess that will look great in our lake house too.

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