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I don’t like my house’s HVAC system. Either the HVAC is stupid itself, or the way the HVAC supplier set it up was dumb. Most HVAC units are able to decide on heating or cooling; You set a temperature to 70 degrees & the HVAC decides to turn on the heating or air in order to achieve it. But my HVAC technology can’t do this. I need to set the thermostat on air conditioning or on heating. If I have it on A/C & the weather drops and gets colder, I just have no HVAC running or worse, the cooling turns on. If the oil furnace is on & all of us get a sizzling hot afternoon, no cooling will magically turn on to make my house feel more comfortable. Our HVAC unit can only do one or the other. I need to manually transfer a toggle switch to the oil furnace or to the A/C setting. The oil furnace has a thermostat temperature & the A/C has a thermostat temperature of its own. I appreciate 70 degrees no matter what the weather is. Why do I need to specify I want it cooled one way and heated another? I would legitimately appreciate an improvement to this situation. I am wondering if maybe it is a simple repair. Maybe we just need a newer, modern thermostat. Perhaps if I get a smart thermostat it will be able to decide heating & air conditioning all on its own. I would then only need to set one temperature & be ready to roll. And that would be really helpful since I constantly forget if I have the HVAC set to heating or cooling. I would never have a house at the wrong temperature again.

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