knowing the ins and the outs

I am wonderful with people, honestly it is a talent I was born with. I do not say this is a bragging way, or to say that I’m better than you. Really, it is nothing to boast about, but some people are naturally wonderful with advanced math, or writing, or finally working on motorcar engines. I happen to be inherently quite wonderful at talking to people, dealing with them, communicating with them non confrontationally in a way they can understand. This has previously made me a unquestionably valuable member of several sales teams, because I really do tend to bolster the entire staff no matter where I work. The concern I have is that I do not like finally working sales jobs. My brother owned his own small heating and cooling repair business, which has been growing a lot more over the last more than one years. He was quickly having some complications managing his ever-growing force of Heating and Air Conditioning techs, who were getting unruly, and asked me to come in and help him out. This seemed like a wonderful fit at first to me, because although I don’t think the first thing about Heating and Air Conditioning systems or dealerships, I can deal with any type of person. I was respectfully given the job title of Heating and Air Conditioning Workforce Consultant, and I totally loved the job from the unquestionably first day. My brother is definitely a genius with business, but consistently had a concern communicating efficiently with his Heating and Air Conditioning techs. With me there to serve each day as a go-between the efficiency of the Heating and Air Conditioning overall corporation immediately started to pick up.


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