Lake living and a/c

I’ve consistently wanted a house on the lake for myself and my own. I didn’t even much care what lake, I just wanted something quite remote, placid, and peaceful. I wanted a small locale with a deck that looked out over the water. This all goes right back to my Summer holiday when I was ten, and the few particularly glorious weeks I got to spend with my neighbor and his parents at their highly ritzy lakehouse. I surely don’t need something as large or costly as they had back in the day, I just want a little spot to call my own. I finally got my own shot, but the locale is a bit of a fixer-upper. It immediately needs not only a new a/c system but a gas furnace as well, and I am almost 100% particular that a great majority of the HVAC duct will need to be removed as well. I have gotten price estimates so far from 3 unusual Heating and Air Conditioning contractors around here, and generally they are all pretty close to 1 another. I honestly don’t want to spend anywhere near 5 grand on a new heating and cooling system, so I am looking now deeply at my other options. The heating aspect is unquestionably easy to figure out, it seems,  because a couple of fine space gas gas furnaces will be enough for me to heat up the entire house because it isn’t unquestionably big or full of windows. The cooling is a tougher nut to crack because I honestly hate how normally noisy those window mounted box A/C units can be. I will do some online comparison shopping and look for what other portable or non-centralized a/cs are like, and then I’ll try and figure out a way to avoid central Heating and Air Conditioning entirely.

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