The wrecked heater machine

I wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to tell my father that the oil furnace was broken.  I think that sounds cowardly and dumb to say, although I was living in a condo he owned. He had just put in a whole current oil furnace, plus I know I was the one who broke it.  I was playing with the tiny kids, plus when I tossed the ball, my son kicked it, plus it hit the old oil furnace. All of us had this little gas oil furnace that was in the kitchen.  It actually did a good job and kept the entire condo warm, but occasionally, when the kids couldn’t always go out to play, it met with some little accidents. This time the useful knob that adjusted the heating was knocked off.  I was afraid the shaft it was on, was totally broken. I couldn’t the adjuster knob to remain on the shaft plus I couldn’t honestly stop the heating system from running. I ended up calling dad, who just shook his big head when he came into the house.  He looked at my tiny son plus told him he was going to get enrolled in football when fall came back around. Something inside the knob had broken plus he legitimately easily fixed it so the people I was with and I could adjust the heating again plus get it to finally shut off.  Dad was absolutely patient with myself and others since I was a poor single mom with 3 kids. He fixed everything including the heating, in the whole house. He also put my son in football when miniature football started that fall. He actually was their star kicker for many years.   The oil furnace worked perfectly in that house all those years, plus I wish I could find another oil furnace as efficient as that old oil furnace was, for the condo I am in now.

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