The portable heater for the dog

I don’t know what we were thinking back when the decision was made to bring a new pup home in the middle of winter. It’s impossible to train a puppy to pee outside when there is mud and snow slush everywhere outside! I don’t want to walk out there and track all that into the house, and I’m not saying I blame the puppy for peeing on the floor. The few times that the puppy has gone outside, they’ve come back in the house covered in mud as well as salt! The people I was with and I have to salt the driveway to keep it clear, or else the ice builds up quickly. When the puppy comes into the house, she is always covered in mud! The only remedy is a bath, and unfortunately it’s always really cold. Even though we have the heating system running, the bathroom is regularly colder than the rest of the house. The bathroom is the only place with a tub, so that was always where we would give the puppy a bath. The last few times, the puppy has been shivering like crazy, and making us feel bad. Thankfully I have a small space heater in the bathroom, and since it’s often cold, the two of us keep that space heater running nearby for baths as well as showers. I plug in the space heater, close the bathroom door, place the machine far enough away from the tub, and in no time the whole bathroom is warmed up and very cozy. That puppy can stop shivering and relax with this thing running!

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