A good a/c plan

Last summer, my partner and I went to the beach for a few days to relax in the sun. The people I was with and I stayed in a small resort on the waterfront, and I had the best view of the sunset that evening to share with my dear wife. We both got to see this stunning red-orange sky as we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in our rental home. See, the resort had tons of lovely amenities, from a big indoor pool to a boat dock, and rental shacks for canoes, and jet skis. My partner plus I thought about taking our RV down to this resort, but what’s the point? That would’ve been quite a bit of gas just to get here and stay in a different place. We collectively decided to rent a small home by the water instead of bringing the RV, and that home was tiny! It was more like a little mobile home than a house, as the kitchen, living room and “spare bedroom” were all the same room. There was one single bathroom, and a bedroom in the back of the cabin. Among the amenities was this neat ductless mini-split HVAC system in the main room of the house. I personally haven’t ever seen a ductless HVAC component like this before! However, it was legitimately cool and made the house feel like there was excellent central A/C running. Ironic really, because the small building had no air ducts. The ductless HVAC units are a solid addition for homes like these, and they made a huge difference for helping us stay cool when the hot outdoor weather or the sunny beaches left us tired and sunburnt.

ductless HVAC

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