Snowfall issues

My hubby works construction all during the summer season and is laid off in the wintertime, but this is because we live in a region where building homes and working outside in the wintertime is impossible. The cold, almost frozen temperatures, coupled with the snow, makes doing any sort of outside labor not only very dangerous, but with the frozen ground, impossible to build anything on anyway.  For these reasons, he bought himself a big pickup truck, complete with a snowplow on the front and now his job all winter is to plow driveways! This new career requires him to be gone at all hours of the night to ensure that people can get out of their driveways in the morning, and back again in the afternoon.  However, it is a great side job for the season and a logical winter choice of vocations. Sadly, when the storms are bad, there are numerous days in a row where he works 15 or more hours, and is absolutely exhausted by the end of his day. To worsen matters, the heater in his cab went on the fritz a couple of months ago, and he has neglected to get it fixed.  I cannot imagine driving around town plowing, and all along, sitting in that freezing truck.  When I realized this, I told him that he needs to talk with our mechanic right away, but he insisted that he doesn’t have the time for a truck repair. I immediately reminded him that if he were to become I’ll, he would have all the time for the repair because he would not be able to go out and plow anymore. The two of us depend on the income from this side job and I genuinely cannot afford for him to be sick or for him to lose income opportunities because he cannot get out of bed. Thankfully, it looks as if we are going to have several days with only a little snow coming down, allowing him to make an appointment to take the truck in. Our mechanic is extremely qualified and he knows a lot about the heating systems in vehicles.  I am sure he can have it running again in no time and I will immediately feel better about my hubby going to work.

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