Car crash with HVAC equipment

When I was on the way home from my job and got stuck in traffic again. I knew that things wouldn’t be too terrible – this was routine traffic. However, the weather outside was hot! The high temperature that day was 94 degrees, and while driving home on the interstate, I witnessed a major accident. It was scary to see! As I and my fellow motorists were driving past, I saw 2 vehicles upside down. It was difficult to see if anyone was disfigured or injured in some way, but there was an ambulance and firetruck, as per usual with any car accidents. Traffic was still, and by the time the two of us were passing by the accident. It looked like a sedan and a commercial job truck plowed into one another! Talk about a wild scene. The service truck was from a fleet at a local HVAC parts warehouse, but I couldn’t tell if they merged lanes at the same time or something like that to cause the  accident. It looked like both of the cars were disfigured in the front! As my car crept by the accident, I immediately noticed the driver of the HVAC commercial truck, who was none other than this very old friend of mine from high school. It must’ve been twenty years since I last saw him! I was half tempted to stop and see how he was doing, but judging by the accident, I already knew the answer.

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