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                Usually, when people think about farmers, they imagine slow people who don’t worry about anything but their crops.  My spouse has been a farmer for years, but there is nothing slow about life on a farm. During the winter, you have a bit of a lull, but there is always some kind of task to accomplish to make sure the farm is still running well.  We have a truck patch for our own needs, but he also grows corn, wheat as well as soybeans.

                  In winter, he is always checking the heating of the grain mills to make sure it doesn’t get too warm.  If the heating is too much, the top of the grain mill can become dry while the inside of the grain stays wet, but builds up heat.  We don’t want to see our grainery burn down because of natural combustion. He is particularly working on the heating & air conditioner all of the time.  We also have dairy cows and the temperature of the milk house must remain constant. The companies won’t buy our milk, if the cooling for the milk isn’t kept in proper parameters.  Farming isn’t simple, but the use of Smart Thermostats, automated Heating as well as A/C has definitely made life easier. It has taken some of the worry out of maintaining hot and cold temperatures.  

               My spouse had to go to school for three weeks to learn how to run our Heating as well as A/C system, but he is doing a great task of keeping the automated Heating as well as A/C proposal running right. This is keeping our hard job safe until time for sale.

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