Summer radon levels are higher

I was laughing when I heard that there was real debate going on about which is worse, summer radon levels or winter radon levels.  I seriously thought the levels of radon would be higher in the winter. We have our house closed up tightly so that we don’t lose the heating to the outside.  Then I thought about that notion and I realized that we also have the house well sealed so we don’t lose our air conditioning to the outdoor. When I heard about the debate, I really didn’t care.  I knew that if I had radon levels that were over four picocuries per liter, I was going to have something done about the radon. It did surprise me to realize that radon levels during the summer can be anywhere from three to ten times higher than in the winter months.  Scientists were measuring one meter below the surface of the ground to see what amounts of radon exister. The average for radon concentration was approximately 300 picocuries per liter. During the summer, the concentration of radon per liter, went up to as much as 3000 picocuries per liter.  Regardless of summer or winter, the allowable amount of radon in a home is less than 4 picocuries per liter. If it were me, I would only be testing my home in the summer. I don’t want to get a false sense of safety. Radon could conceivably be in every home, and only regular testing will tell you if it is in yours.  When it comes to radon, I would always err on the side of safety.

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