Radon in a home

Several years ago, my wife and I had been looking for a house.  We saw the perfect house in the perfect area. We talked to the realtor and she showed us the house.  It was absolutely perfect for us, but then she said it was under contract. We ended up buying a home that was down the street from our dream home.  From then on, we watched the house, waiting for the owners to put it back up on the market. We were going to sell our home and buy our dream home. Finally the day came when it went up for sale.   We wanted to make sure our home sold quickly, so we did all of the inspection prior to putting in a bid on our home. The septic test came back good when the dye went right from the plumbing to the septic sand mound.  All testing came back okay except for the ones for radon. Now we need to mitigate the radon before we can sell our home. I doubt if there is a realtor around who will even try to put my house up on the market, if it has radon.  I don’t think they will even take my house on if there is radon. I’m going to need to put the radon mitigation system into my home before I can even consider selling. I’m pretty sure that until my home is ready to sell, our perfect home will already be sold.  I guess we will have to give up on our dream home for another decade.

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