HVAC maintenance for the lake house

I was so happy when I finally decided it was time to become a homeowner.  Neither my wife or I had any idea what kind of venture we were about to embark on.  We looked for a couple of weeks and found some properties we wanted to see. We fell in love with a small house that had a great view of the lake.  The owners were so sweet, and she worked with us and our realtor. Once we finished the sale, we were giddy to realize that we were now homeowners. Our giddiness turned to a bit sullen when we found out that we also had to pay for any repairs, and we soon found out there were many.  Our roof leaked so badly the first time it rain, that we knew without asking, that we needed a new roof. When the wind from the lake blew through the home, it blew through the home. There didn’t seem to be anything to keep the wind from coming in around the windows, or to keep the air conditioning from escaping.  We knew we had to do something soon. We called the HVAC company that was listed on our checklist, and they told us our HVAC system was new and that it was under a maintenance contract for the next year. We asked them to come out and check both heating, air conditioning and ductwork. They came out the next day and said everything was in good shape, and they didn’t charge us a penny.  Considering what we paid for the rest of the major repairs, I was pleased with the HVAC maintenance plan.

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