Did not get the HVAC appointment

I hate playing phone tag with someone.  It is frustrating enough when it is a family or friend, but when it is business, it gets annoying.  I tried to call the HVAC company to have my heating and air conditioning inspected. I have things of my own to do.  I work nights, and I want to be able to get some sleep through the day. I want to know when the HVAC company to my house so I can be alert when they get there.  I called them and I got their answering machine. I missed their return phone call either because of work, or my sleeping. I called them back and the cycle began again.  I have to admit that it was not just frustrating, but I was getting a bit angry. I got out of work at seven in the morning, and I went right to the HVAC company. I had to sit in my car until eight, so that I could be there when they opened up.  As soon as the doors were opened, I walked in. I told them I needed to have my heating and air conditioning system cleaned and serviced. I explained about the phone calls, and I requested to be put on their list for this morning. I knew the HVAC company was probably going to charge me extra for the immediate service call, but I didn’t care.  They basically followed me home so they could do the servicing on my HVAC system. I was able to get some sleep, knowing I would have good air conditioning when I wanted it.

HVAC repair

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