I’m very miserable

All of my young adult life, I have enjoyed going to various Black Friday sales.  It actually began because I am the type of girl who is up at 4 am everyday anyway, and it provided myself and others the wonderful opportunity to get some unquestionably, good deals.  I remember many years, waiting outside in the cold,  freezing while waiting for my favorite stores to open up while clutching a cup of once-warm coffee.  That is exactly how I spent the day after Thanksgiving for at least 20 years.  However, this tradition of mine changed a few years back when retail stores started opening, not only on the day of our holiday, but also at midnight on the holiday.  I no longer head out at 3 am for deals, since most of the deals are already available either online or all day on Thursday.  There is simply no reason to head out into the freezing cold to battle the immense crowds.  Now I just go out around 8 o’clock to get some good buys.  By that time of the morning, the intense crowds and especially the more intense shoppers have died down a bit, plus it is a much better experience and my daughter, who had always thought that I was unhinged to go so very early, will even join me now in the shopping fun and now, we no longer have to wait in the cold air in dreadful lines.  Instead, we can simply go from the heated car to the comfort of the heated department stores.  We are thankful for the HVAC systems, because without them, our shopping trips would be uncomfortable.  I recognize if I still had to endure the elements, I would decide to,  as many do, to just stay home to shop online.  At least during that shopping, we would be in our comfortable clothes and ideal warmer temperatures.

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