Glad we have a good working a/c plan

I had a really great birthday weekend the other week. We went fishing on a very upscale boat that had its very own brand new, up to date and top of the line heating and air conditioning system! And well, if that alone wasn’t awesome enough, the big surprise was when I got back home to my house. I came home, and I walked in the door to a brand new Heating, Ventilation & A/C system! I had been wanting one for some time and just had not been able to afford to do it. It looks like my wifey was doing it behind my back! And boy oh boy was I happy! While I was away, our family installed radiant heated floors with a powerful cooling system that flaunted rapid cooling. This new thing in heating and cooling technology also included a absolutely pricey smart thermostat temperature control. I was in total shock with this excellent air conditioning and heating system that I had in my happy home! My wifey went and said that wasn’t all though, there was also a brand new media air cleaner installed too that worked in tangent with the climate control system in the heating and cooling! I couldn’t believe that they were able to have all of this installed in such a short amount of time. My wifey was saying that they had a big crew working on it. It cost a little bit more money than before for the expedited quick installation, however it was worth it to see the look on our face when I got back home! I particularly had the most pricey Heating, Ventilation & A/C system around! The radiant heated floors were so nice. I could do nothing but brag about them!

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