the a/c technician

I definitely hate being the guy who is responsible for babysitting the new air conditioning appliance workers. It feels sort of like a day camp, and I’m stuck being the camp counselor. It usually happens twice each year, when the Spring and fall school year is done. There is a Heating as well as Air Conditioning appliance training university in the area, and our supplier takes a few recruits from the fall and Spring classes. They are not certified air conditioning appliance workers when they finish university, because they require several hundreds of hours of on-the-task training. We supply this training in a learning environment, and my boss has a deal with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning appliance trade university. He actually has several employees that graduated from the university, and I guess a single one of his brothers is on the board of directors. I am not precisely sure what happens, however they definitely scratch each other’s back. Last week, every one of us hired three new recruits, and a single one of them has been assigned to work with me. I despise babysitting the new air conditioning appliance tech. We will spend a majority of the day actually working on air conditioning appliance repairs and upgrades, and I will spend most of that time explaining each step of the process. It can be mentally and physically tiring. A lot of my coworkers care about having someone training with them, because it provides them with an extra set of hands. I guess that a new air conditioning appliance recruit just adds to my frustration, because they ask a ton of questions and pretty much always get in the way. I guess it’s a main part of our task to be a team player, however I would rather task by myself.

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