My situation keeps getting better

When my brother told me that he had wrecked his car, it entirely made me upset. Since the two of us were little boys, I have always felt so protective over him as well as any time he got into trouble it would upset me more than it did him. Somehow he could always just brush things off as well as forget about them, but in this case, I knew he was in a financial bind to begin with. Now with losing his vehicle could only mean extra trouble. As it turns out though, he was not at fault and the court ruled in his favor! That meant he was going to get a hefty settlement as well as an entirely nice, new car. I tried to give him pointers, most importantly, the Heating and Air Conditioning system needs to be on point. I explained to him that once he got a little older, he’d see how weather condition control can abruptly become your best friend. However when I was his age, 8 years ago, heating and cooling was not a big deal for me. Now though, when I go into work for the day, weather condition control is what makes it all bearable. Whether it is wintertime or summer, our car’s Heating and Air Conditioning system is always entirely working its magic to some capacity. If it is hot out, having a way to keep you cool will also keep you sane. However rush hour is bad enough without having bad air quality to deal with. Sure, in the summer you can open the window, however if it’s raining, only A/C will help your situation. Of course he ignored me, and someday he’ll regret it.

forced air heating 

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