A hospital cooling device

I appreciated working at the hospital very much.  The only thing I didn’t care for, was when I had to eat in their cafeteria.  Often, I would pack my lunch, but there were some days when it was much too difficult to get out of bed, & I didn’t have time to pack my lunch.  I would head down to the cafeteria often, & it was just the aroma of the food that would get my stomach in knots. There was so much air conditioning flowing in the cafeteria, that I had to have a heavy sweater on while I was down there.  I worked in the prenatal unit, where it was consistently moderate because of the babies. There was some gentle air conditioning always working for those absolutely working there, but there wasn’t the heavy airflow that would completely sweep the AC across your shoulders & back.  I would completely shiver when I walked into the cafeteria all the time, & I wasn’t the only one. If the air conditioner wasn’t bad enough for everybody, it was worse for the food. It had to be kept under warming lights regularly. I would always choose whatever looked like it had been under the warmers the least amount of time.  I truly hated the whole idea of eating dried up food, but sometimes you didn’t have any choice. I would rush through the line as fast as possible, so I could rush through eating & get out of there. I discovered that since the air conditioner appliance was so powerful, the best thing in the cafeteria, was the salads. I was able to eat my salad outside in the garden & I didn’t need to worry about the powerful air conditioner or the cacophony of sounds that came from the people.

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