Theatre a/c plan

Life was a lot easier when my friends plus myself were little kids. It seems that there was no rush plus every one of us could genuinely enjoy our day plus our time. No one worried about rushing around or pushing through to be the first in line. These locales are easily the same plus now there are single people who rush just for better seats or better paying jobs. Everyone is predetermined to move around and no one slowly looks to see what is taking in that atmosphere. Some people pushy people don’t even want the type of performance or play that can be seen in a theater that is slow. Most recently, my friends plus myself were genuinely going to see a movie in the theater. Even though the seats were assigned, people were shoving and pushing Everywhere. By the time the movie started, it was clear to everyone of us that the AC program was genuinely not working. After all the time plus the multiple people pushing to get into the theater, none of us were going to be comfortable because the AC program was broken it. With no cold air coming from the AC program, we eventually decided 2 leave the movie theater and go somewhere else for some entertainment. After all, there was no reason to sit inside in the AC, if there was no cold air coming down. The movies was supposed to be a good idea for the day to keep us out of the heat, but it just ended up being a bust.

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