A little A/C before I get home

I always find this time of year to be very frustrating.   You never know what the weather is going to be from one hour to the next, or how you should dress for it! It can be frosty in the early morning with frost on your windshield and 80 degrees and sunny by mid afternoon.   Every morning when I get up and dressed for work I never know what the afternoon is going to bring.  The same can be said for heating & cooling our house. I wake up in the morning and I may need to have the heat on however, if I leave it on all day, then I come house to a very warm house. To solve this problem I contacted our local HVAC supplier to have them install a programmable thermostat. The one they had installed can be connected to our smart phone with an application and I can monitor the temperature of my home throughout the day. If I have the heat on in the afternoon and the temperature starts to go above where I have it said I can simply I just turn it down or even off. If I log into the system and my home is extremely warm I can even turn on the a/c for a bit before I arrive home. This not only made sure that our home is consistently comfortable, it also saves me on our energy bills. I no longer have to spend money to heat or cool the house when it is empty. I can adjust the temperature off a few degrees and save significantly on our energy bills.

central A/C 

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