the busted down a/c plan

I had been paying for my vehicle for almost 7 years when I finally paid off my vehicle loan… I was so happy to finally chop out 1 of my major bi-weekly expenses, but I was hastily disappointed when my a/c stopped now working in the car, but because it was the winter, I didn’t realize this at first. But as soon as the weather started to moderate up, I hastily realized that something was not right, but the vehicle was sizzling and stuffy; Usually after a minute or multiple of warming up, the air was coming out cold cold! However, 10 minutes went by and the air still felt warm. I talked to a mechanic, and he informed that I would need to completely replace parts of the a/c in order to get back up and running in my car. I felt stubborn and entitled to the relief of not having a vehicle loan, so I decided to try to survive the Summer separate from a/c in my car. I tried rolling down the windows, however this was too loud on the highways, then not to mention, it made a mess of my hair on the way to job each morning, but while I enjoy driving with the windows down periodically, I’ve realized that the key word is periodically… And I particularly did not enjoy having no other option. After only about multiple weeks, I ended up trading in the vehicle for a new 1. I know it’s just not meant to be for me to get a chop from vehicle payments. I can’t even be worried when I spend my money the vehicle payment because to me, it is easily worth every penny if it means that I can have a functional cooling system.

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