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My boyfriend and I both task for a SEO corporation that mainly takes care of Heating and AC business. All of us are different portions of the corporation however. My boyfriend is the one who easily sells the websites to Heating and AC dealers. He will frequently travel to a modern state and attend a meeting with several Heating and AC dealers. He then sells them a website. Marketing in the Heating and A/C world is key. There is a lot of competition for Heating and A/C installations, repairs and service. Our corporation makes the Heating and A/C websites rank higher on google. Also, our corporation ensures the website is one of quality too. After our boyfriend sells to the Heating and AC dealers, a member of the SEO team creates the website. They decide the font, colors and layout of everything. The actual content for the site is what I do. Yes, that is our exciting job. I simply write heating and cooling content. I have written thousands of articles about heating repair. Every Heating and A/C corporation wants a Heating and A/C repair, tune up and installation page as well. All the companies are quite similar to. They might be NATE certified, rated A+ with the BBB or not. But, at the end of the day, making the content certain   has gotten to be rough. I do the same thing again and again. Finding a theme and making the content has its own certain flair has gotten to be quite the impossible work. But, I keep going because it easily is quite an self-explanatory job. I think way too much about Heating and A/C now, but I can do the job right in our pajamas.

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