The system clicked over to heat

If I look out my window I can see all of the beautiful Christmas lights on people’s homes however it is weird because I can also still see the grass.  Normally by this time of year the we have a blanket of snow outside and it helps everyone get in the mood for the holidays.  Just the other day I was out putting up some decorations and the temperature was in the fifties.  I found myself wishing that it was twenty degrees and snowing instead. I know that sounds miserable but it helps to get into the holiday spirit when there is snow. There’s nothing better than being outside in the snow and then coming into your nice cozy home to enjoy hot chocolate.  When my kids were little they used to be outside for hours and come in with frozen noses to a steaming bowl of soup and the warmth of the heating and a/c system. We are fortunate to have a good system that has worked for years and it keeps our home evenly heated throughout the long frosty winters.  When the we installed the boiler about 5 years ago I was anxious that it was not going to be a satisfactory form of heat but I was proven wrong. The baseboard registers heat up when the hot water flows through the pipes and they disperse the heat evenly as opposed to a forced air system that blows the hot air around. We also did not have the expense of putting in air duct which would have been significant considering we own an old farmhouse and the walls would have had to been opened up to do so. I hope the weather changes and the we get snow soon or at least before Christmas.

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