Our house heat pump device

When our husband, Ron and I built our beach house numerous years ago, every one of us chose a ground source heat pump to handle the heating and cooling, and although this type of system is extremely extravagant, geothermal Heating, Ventilation and A/C is beautifully energy efficient, and we’re able to maintain perfect year round temperature for around a dollar per day. The cost savings on our energy costs reuse the initial investment in more than four years. The  greatest expense was the excavation and drilling necessary to install the underground loop system. This series of pipes is buried in our backyard and takes advantage of moderate and stable temperature to supply a source for heat energy in the Wintertide and a heat sink in the summer. The pipes are linked to a heat pump which is installed in our home. The underground pipes are warrantied for up to fifty years, and because the heat pump is protected from the wear and tear of weather, every one of us can expect it to last around twenty years. The heat pump simply moves heat from a single place to another, bringing it from the ground into the beach house during Wintertide and extracting it from the beach house during the summer. There is no on-site combustion process to create heat, however because of this, every one of us don’t need to worry about byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, or green beach house gases. A geothermal heat pump is considered by the EPA to be the most environmentally friendly choice for temperature control on the new market. The system is exceptionally clean, safe and quiet, then in cooling mode, it is more efficient and better at dehumidification than a conventional a/c. In heating mode, it doesn’t dry out the air, which avoids the need for a humidifier, then plus, a multi-stage filtration system optimizes indoor air pollen levels.

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