No bees are allowed there

My neighbor told me a story about growing up. She has this very large for that was located behind a home and some mornings her friends and she spent the day walking near the wooded area. There was an immense nest of bees at least a foot tall in one of the slash pine trees. She was easily fascinated by all of these bees, wasps, and hornets. She started to search for a long stick, and immediately began poking out the nest. She poked The Nest so much that a huge honey stream dripped to the ground. Just when my neighbor realized the honey was Dripping into a nice golden pool, he also saw a stream of bees pouring from the huge nest. My neighbor started to run faster than ever before, but the bees were moving much quicker and she was easily in some trouble. She fell directly onto the ground and tried to cover her head. She was stung Over Again by many of those bees. She was near a muddy Forest Area, and found some mud to Splash all over the body. The mud was a helpful to keep the bikes at Bay and keep the killer bees away. Since the guy poked at the nest and the first place, it’s definitely hard to feel sorry for someone like that. It’s clear that lots of kids will have this Behavior, but you shouldn’t go around poking at a bee’s nest and not expect something crazy to happen. When you poke Abby, you’re going to get stung.

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