My hubby is a good guy

The other day, the people I was with plus some friends of mine decided to take a road trip to the Country Hills where everyone of us lived. There was no family in the area, but we were entirely going to look at the Little Farms that we saw when all of us were kids. It was actually quite a scene to see grazing horses, cattle, plus pigs. We saw a lot of Rolling Green Pastures + Farms. The people I was with plus myself apparently were caught of the eye for a sale honey sign. We found some Farm beekeepers plus they were working on making their own honey. They had six beehives and beekeeping boxes on the back of the property, plus they were giving tours of the entire program. My friends plus most of the other people were intrigued to see the honey production. I went right to the important Place Plus saw them filled with jars of spectacular honey. The spectacular honey was golden brown in color plus filled up with honeycomb. It was easily the nicest honey for these areas. When everyone of us were walking up to the building, we were genuinely surprised not to have some bees buzzing around our bodies. The people I was with pus myself were nervous to get out of our sedan, because we were worried about a bee problem. It seemed all of the bees like to stay back at the end of the property where all of the cages were held. My friends plus the people I was with plus myself got a few jars and headed back home.

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