I was very interested

Rich and I were sent out to a heater and air conditioner replacement job. The task was located in 1 of the wealthy cities in our area. My best friend Rich and I were interested and curious to see the house. We pulled into the lot, and the two of us were chatted with by a video intercom system. A large front door swung open, after the two of us announced our arrival. We drove the Heating & Air Conditioning task van all the way to the edge of the house. My friend Rich and I got out and walked up to the door. Rich and I were greeted by a man at the door, who asked us to park the van in the back of the building. My friend Rich and I walked inside and met with the owner. We talked over the heating and air conditioner swap, and the man showed us around his mansion. The total locale was a Smart House. The man worked for a software sales business, and the complete beach house was Wireless, each time Rich and I walked into a weird room, the Smart House greeted us. As Rich and I walked into the room, the Smart House said hi, and gave us the climate and humidity levels in the room. The owner of the smart beach house could adjust anything, just by using a voice call. This was actually the most technologically-advanced smart house that I have ever noticed. My best friend Rich and I spent all morning installing the new heating and air conditioner tech.


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